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Projects of Every Size!

Classic Paving & Concrete is a full service commercial and industrial concrete contractor for projects of all sizes and degrees of complexity. We pride ourselves on being a specialty contractor dedicated to completing all projects on schedule and on budget to the total satisfaction of our customers.

Exposed Aggregate

One type of decorative concrete that is seen more often than most others in Canada is the exposed aggregate concrete. It is found being used as large bays for footpaths or low-speed traffic areas, as decorative vertical walls, and in dozens of different pre-cast units, ranging from block pavers, to decorative patio flags/slabs and to large pre-cast construction sections for multi-storey buildings.

The basic premise of an exposed aggregate concrete is that the brute strength of concrete is combined with the aesthetic appeal of a decorative aggregate and you have, hopefully, the ideal combination of looks, strength, mouldability and relative low production cost. The cost can be further controlled by limiting the use of the decorative aggregate, which is commonly the most expensive constituent of the concrete, to the top layer or face of the unit or structure.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a system of adding colors, patterns and texture to a plain concrete slab at the time of pouring. A finished stamped concrete surface gives an attractive, three-dimensional, two-toned appearance. With stamped concrete you can create the realistic effect of slate, stone or brick or even a custom design and imprinted in concrete.

Regular Concrete

Full Service Concrete Solutions

Get the results that you deserve when you ask for concrete services from Classic. We can visit your location and offer a free estimate about your remodeling plans or driveway repair. We deliver exceptional concrete work on projects from driveways to decorative patios. Our trained, skilled and experienced concrete laying staff can provide you with myriad concrete services you desire.

Our punctual and professional team will deliver a quote covering everything required to deliver your project on time and on budget. Ours is a full service concrete company servicing all aspects of residential and commercial concrete construction. Our designs are locally well known for innovation and build capabilities.

Quality Concrete Services – A Notch Above the Rest

Our workers have the training, the experience, and the equipment required to make short work of jobs like:
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Concrete Parking Lots
  • Complete Concrete services
  • Expanding a sunroom
  • Patio Enclosure
  • Patio Construction
  • Sidewalks Install & Repair
We aim to deliver every project on a prompt schedule so you can spend more time enjoying your new home and less time worrying about the mess caused by remodelers. We’re a local contractor that offers labor and materials guarantee for every job we do.


Interlocking or installing paver stones throughout your property will not only look elegant and outstanding but it will greatly increase the value of your home. Interlocking your property has become the new trend in outdoor landscaping and you can see why. These are the following interlocking design projects we can do for you:
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Walkways

We will be working side by side with you the homeowner on picking the type and colour of paving stone that brings out your personality and property. Once the design has been chosen we will schedule 1 or 2 days to have the project started and completed at your earliest convenience.

We are the leading interlocking services provider in Canada!

Interlocking Maintenance

Over time your interlock could be overrun with weeds, paver stones could be misplaced or shifted over time or it could be stained with who knows what. Not a problem. Our crew can not only clean and clear all of this mess, but we can ensure that is will not happen again. Here are some of our services included in our interlocking maintenance:
  • Pressure Washing
  • Weed Removal
  • Joint Filling
  • Interlock Sealing
All these services can revitalize your interlocking at the fraction of the cost of redesigning your entire interlock design.

We Specialize In:

  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Regular Concrete
  • Interlocking

Types of Exposed Aggregate Concretes

There are two basic ways of constructing an exposed aggregate finish to a concrete; the first, Surface Dressing, achieves the effect by pressing the decorative aggregate into the body of the freshly poured concrete, whilst the second, Washed to Expose, which is preferred for heavy-duty or commercial use, is brought about by stripping away the matrix from the top 2-6mm of the concrete to reveal the constituent aggregate.

Where can exposed aggregate concrete be used?

Exposed is a popular choice for driveways or areas requiring more grip. It also makes a great surface for garden paths, pool surrounds, custom landscaping and outdoor entertainment areas.
  • Driveways; stylish, hardwearing and durable surface
  • Swimming pool edges/surrounds; textured surface for slip resistance
  • Landscaping, pathways in parks and gardens; performs well in high traffic areas
  • Outdoor entertainment areas
  • Subdivision footpaths and community areas

Design and Structural Quality Comes Standard

Whether you want traditional concrete or specialty colors and designs, our team of professional concrete workers can make any concrete design become reality. Our specialty services are perfect for patios, walkways, pool decks, and more. Let us know what you want, or work with one of our friendly designers to create a look perfect for your property.

Need a repair?

If you’re concerned about crumbling, cracked, or stained concrete, the experts at Classic Paving and Concrete can help. We’ll provide you with an objective assessment of the situation and our professional recommendations for repair or replacement. Our versatility means you can trust us with virtually any concrete project. And our commitment to your satisfaction means you’ll get the result you’re looking for.

Slip Resistant Broom Finished Concrete

Concrete finishers have been broom finishing their surfaces for about as long as there has been concrete. Typically, decorative concrete surfaces are not broom finished, although dyes and stains can be applied very successfully to broomed finishes. Even stamped finishes can be broomed, although that’s a bit difficult -impossible if you are using a powdered release agent.

A good broom finish is something of an art. You can even create decorative effects by running the broom texture in various directions. Broom finishes can be light broom or coarse depending on the bristles of the broom you choose. This is not a fancy finish but is attractive and provides a non-slip surface. Plain concrete finished with a fine concrete finishing brush can be the natural color of concrete or can be colored with several different colors.